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china international economic consultants co., ltd. (ciec) is one of the first specialized consulting firms established in china after the country’s reform and opening-up. it was founded by mr. rong yiren, the former vice president of china and founder of citic group, along with other senior industrial and commercial entrepreneurs such as mr. jing shuping. since its establishment in 1981, ciec has adhered to the principles of professionalism and internationalization. leveraging the comprehensive advantages of citic group with an emphasis on both finance and industry, ciec has emerged as a leading consulting firm in various fields, including investment and financing consultation, government affairs consultation, state-owned enterprise reform consultation, enterprise management consultation, engineering consultation, and project management. its clients range from various levels of the chinese government and state-owned enterprises to large and medium-sized companies, social organizations, as well as multinational corporations and international organizations. with a track record of over 5,000 completed consulting projects, ciec has contributed significantly to the diverse areas of national economic and social development.

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