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citic metal group (including citic titanium and citic jinzhou metal) is primarily engaged in the trading of metal mineral commodities, mining investments, and the production of titanium dioxide and titanium alloys. citic metal co., ltd. is a subsidiary of citic metal group and one of the first companies listed on the a-share main board under the registration system. it primarily trades commodities such as niobium products, iron ore, copper, aluminum, and steel. the las bambas copper mine in peru, which citic metal has a stake in, is one of the world’s largest copper mines. cbmm, a joint venture of citic metal, takes 80% market share of niobium products in china. citic metal is the single largest shareholder of ivanhoe mines, a canadian-listed company that owns three world-scale, high grade mining assets and helps secure stable supply of copper resources for china’s economic growth. citic titanium, in which citic metal group holds a controlling stake, is a market leader in chloride titanium dioxide production in china. it is china’s first high-tech enterprise that focuses on developing, producing, and marketing premium chloride titanium dioxide. citic jinzhou metal, under the management of citic metal group, has wide-covering business portfolio, including r&d, production and marketing of non-ferrous metals, chemicals and ferro-alloy.

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