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citic holdings

citic holdings is the digital transformation platform of citic group, with a core focus on “industrial intelligence”. we operate through a “1 1 5” model, encompassing “lighthouse factory” consulting, industrial internet platform construction, and five key products and solutions: precision testing for automotive and component production lines, high-speed inspection and intelligent sorting for consumer goods, phm (prognostic and health management) for metal processing heavy equipment, process manufacturing line-level control and optimization, and ai-driven carbon intelligence management. our goal is to become a leading industrial ai technology platform and intelligent equipment service provider. citic investment holdings actively establishes an enterprise-led innovation system, deepens cooperation with national strategic scientific and technological forces, and jointly builds collaborative labs around common technologies, cutting-edge technologies, and key core technology directions within the group’s business sectors. we work together to tackle technological challenges, striving to create a source of original technologies for citic group. our subsidiary, the emerging industry fund, strategically invests in the digital economy and key core technologies to support the real economy and promote sustainable development, achieving a dual cycle of industrial resource acquisition and investment returns.

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