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premier li keqiang visits citic heavy industries

2015-10-21 10:09:00

on september 23rd, premier li keqiang visited citic heavy industries, the first stop of his visit in henan province.

during his visit, premier li entered the workshop and the master craftsmen's workroom. he was interested by the role of citic heavy industries played in promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

citic heavy industry features a makers team with independent workrooms, budgets, research projects and incentives. the team pools the wisdom of designers, engineers and machine tool operators to process and improve complicated work pieces and products and to overcome technical difficulties.

ren qinxin, chairman of citic heavy industries, told the premier that the company adopted the model of "maker space". now 5 master craftsmen's workrooms and 16 innovation maker groups attracted 500 more participants and engaged more than 4000 employees. premier li said that mass innovation is not a privilege of small-sized enterprises. the practice of citic heavy industries sets an example for innovation in large-sized enterprises.

premier li spoke highly of citic heavy industries' practice and said, "citic heavy industries, though a traditional and large-sized enterprise, has kept abreast with the trend by setting up innovation maker groups, which are transforming and rejuvenating the enterprise. mass entrepreneurship and innovation is not only a path for small enterprises to survive and grow, but also a path for large enterprises to prosper."

premier li keqiang hoped that the innovation maker groups in citic heavy industries will grow via the "internet plus". he also hoped that maker groups will introduce chinese brands and equipment to the world.


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