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citic corporation limited successfully issued ten-year corporate bonds

2019-03-20 16:31:49

on march 15th, 2019, citic corporation limited successfully priced and issued 10-year corporate bonds with a size of 2 billion yuan and a nominal interest rate of 4.59%, and the over-subscription rate almost reached 2. 

against the siphon effect of the recent high-yielding stock market, citic corporation limited has been paying close attention to the market dynamics and has been highly recognized by the investors by maintaining active communication with main underwriters and investors, carrying out on-site roadshows for key investors and introducing operating highlights and competitive advantages of the company. thanks to the above-mentioned efforts, the issuance of the largest scale ten-year corporate bonds in 2019 in domestic market has been a success.

this issuance has been the first 10-year bond issued by citic corporation limited. by seizing the favorable opportunity window at the stage bottom of the market return rate, it has also been the second issuance since the 10-year medium-term bonds launched in 2012 by citic group as a whole. the move will help secure stable low-cost capital in the long run, further optimize the debt maturity structure, and help achieve high-quality development of citic group by injecting fresh capital flow.


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